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Elite Eventz made my day perfect!!! I would consider myself a control freak, but Erica and her team made me feel so protected and confident in handing over the day to them. Leading up to the special day, they allowed me to work my magic as a perfectionist, however after the rehearsal they instructed me to simply enjoy the day. Their timing and organizational skills allowed everything to move smoothly and on time. There was no point in the day that I felt like I needed to take over. All of the team members worked wonderfully and swiftly with a smile on their face. My wedding was drama free and everything I could have ever imagined or wished for. I would recommend them to everyone!!   Thanks you guys for everything XOXO.

Kristina Cain, Bride

June 7, 2019 | Noah's Katy 


Erica planned and coordinated our “Big Day” on 11/04/2017, it was nothing less of perfect! 

Rewinding back 08/29/2015 when my now husband, Brian proposed I immediately inquired about Erica with Elite Eventz services. She called me while I was out shopping one afternoon and we chatted like long lost BFF’s. I knew then she could be trusted with planning our wedding and proceeded with scheduling a consultation.

My mother and I met with Erica for the consultation. Honestly, I was expecting to briefly discuss minor details of the wedding and review the services offered. Well, this was not the case. Erica went over EVERY intricate detail from color schemes to type of corsages, we discussed things I would have never thought of. Needless to say, a few weeks later we excitedly booked Elite Eventz to plan and coordinate our wedding. 

Erica made the dreadful process of planning a wedding seamless. I received an organized binder with homework assignments, timelines, vendors, business cards, order of ceremony, program outlines, duties of the bridal party and parents...pretty much everything needed leading up to the wedding and surprisingly afterwards too. She and her dolls were good with scheduling vendor meetings, keeping an open line of communication between me, them and vendors and responsive to emails and text messages. Not once did I stress about things getting done. I’m nonchalant and go with the flow which is not the typical “Bridezilla”. 

The week leading up to the wedding the entire bridal party and vendors received a timeline and intricate details of what to expect. The precision of the timeline amazed me, there was no room for error! 

It’s now 11/04/2017, I’m anxiously waiting to see all the planning and hard work come to life. When I walked into the chapel and reception I was in complete awe, my dreams had literally come true. My husband and I do not regret booking with Elite Eventz and recommend her to all of our engaged friends!

Brandi Jackson, Bride 

November 4, 2017 | The Farmhouse 



Erica and her team were amazing in coordinating, managing, and being flexible with my week long Indian wedding!! I had a variety of vendors for each of the three main events and Erica was able to put together each event while I was focusing on myself and having a good time with the guests. She was able to oversee any of the problems and create a solution before me or my husband started stressing. Would highly recommend to any future brides who want to enjoy their wedding and not stress about guests, vendors, or time management. Erica and her team were professional, detailed, and extremely organized!!

Navreet Grewal, Bride 

June 16, 2016 | Humble Civic Center 



“As a groom, I took a hands off approach to planning our wedding. When my bride mentioned she hired a planner I was skeptical & didn't see the need. Boy was I Wrong!!!!! 
Every time my fiancé mentioned Erica's name her eyes would light up! She always had good things to say & all sorts of "Homework" to do that she enjoyed. I slowly started be sold on Elite Eventz as well. It wasn't until the rehearsal when I saw her in action that I too was glad we hired her. Somehow she kept all 25 members of our wedding party in line, attentive, & fully prepared. 
The true test of her ability came into action when the Event Decorator/Florist (Erica did not refer her to us...... Bad mistake on our part) DID NOT SHOW UP!!!!!! We had no bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, or anything!!!!!!! I honestly thought my bride was going to have a meltdown & that Erica would walk out!! I was wrong!! She stepped up & took over. She got on her phone, walkie talkies, and headset and made miracles happen. She directed our hostesses, bridesmaids, & willing guests who wanted to help out. Within the hour we had bouquets and linens at our reception. Many of our guests commented on how nice our wedding was. Oddly enough, the few people who knew of the problem couldn't even tell that things were going wrong.  She is blessed & must be an angel!! I don't know how she did what she did but....... She did!!! We owe our entire wedding experience to her!” 


Isaac Olainu-Alade, Groom                                                                                                                                

July 27, 2013 | Las Velas





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