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Iceland a different type of paradise

Iceland is a different type of paradise. 🇮🇸 Something that just seems like it’s out of a movie or a commercial. I went to Iceland February 29th-March 6th. Flew Iceland air from Boston to Reykjavík. My judgement may be off b/c I’m from the south but it was really cold 20-28*F (but it felt like 9-12*F with the wind) The wind was Chicago disrespectful to give you an idea)

Food was ok. Not awful but ok. They accept cc pretty much everywhere so I didn’t exchange money. They eat a lot of seafood but it definitely tastes way different than NOLA seafood from the gulf lol 😂

So I checked a lot off on my bucketlist while there:

-Blue Lagoon was really nice. Tickets include a drink and a bottle of water. The water is hot and is said to have healing properties in it for skin diseases.

-We pretty much walked around Reykjavík ourselves instead of booking a paid walking tour.

-Bubble Hotel & Golden Circle Tour was really nice. Gummi was our guide. They pick you up in an suv so max is 6ppl. It is an all day & overnight tour. You go to Thingvellir National Park, Active Geyser Hot Spring, Gullfoss Waterfall which is breathtaking, swim at a secret hot spring lagoon, then you drive up in the mountains and stay in a bubble room where you can see the stars & Northern Lights through your roof!!

-South Coast Tour & Glacier Hiking Tour which was all day as well. You stop at Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach which is so beautiful and seriously like a movie, visit Skogarfoss Waterfall & a few others, and you hike up a glacier. Now the glacier was cool and all but the south coast is warmer. The sun actually came out the entire hike. It was 1hr up & 1hr down. I literally thought I was gone faint and fall in one of the crevices and die in the middle of nowhere! Lol if you’re not in good shape maybe not the glacier hiking. Glad I did it but never again. I started crying and seriously my sweat & tears were freezing on my face.

The only thing I didn’t get to do that I would’ve like to was snow mobiles & the

crystal/diamond beach.

It’s not a cheap vacation b/c everything is pretty much imported to the island. The cheapest meal we found was about $19usd for chicken noodle soup but most meals were $40-80USD per person.

Overall I loved it & highly recommend!

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