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When Crohn’s Disease Struck at Bali Swing

IDK who needs to hear this but...🗣 share the part of your story that you’re embarrassed about.

My Bali Swing experience was not as pretty as the photos came out by far. So the place is actually more of an amusement park with multiple swings, tree nests, a helicopter & the rock you see me on here that have great photo opportunities. You can pay them like $20 extra to take your photos for you so solo traveling to the park is no issue. So I went in late March so it was pretty humid & hot. 85+ degree weather and the most scenic swings & nests have extremely long lines. So I actually went through the checkin line and because it was so hot my stomach actually got agitated (Crohn’s Disease enters the room) and I had to GO!! There are a few restrooms but in each one there’s only 1 stall. I make it to the restroom and I’m literally banging on the door cus I could see through the frosted glass that the door was locked but that no one was actually using the toilet. Three minutes later a girl walks out & is like “oh sorry I was putting on my makeup” I’m thinking girl there are vanities and mirrors out here 🙄 Needless to say I had a full on Crohn’s moment. 😩 Luckily I typically plan for this so I was able to clean myself up, toss out the swimsuit I had on under my yellow dress and I just slipped on my extra pair of spanks I had in my backpack. For a split second I wanted to cry and just call my driver back and go back to my hotel but I decided to make the best of the situation and live in that moment. I’m sooooooo glad that I did b/c I had sooo much fun. I highly recommend bringing a small towel b/c it’s hot out there and honey I was sweating through my spanx! 🤪😂 Listen I have thick thighs!

Moral of the story; if you’re a traveler with an autoimmune like me or a handicap don’t let it confine or restrict you in your travel journey!

She. Me. Her. I. 🙋🏾‍♀️

I needed to hear this.

IG: @EricaChristineTravels

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