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Havana Oh Nah Nah! #QueensInCuba

One Goal.

Two Flights.

Three Bucket List Items Completed.

Four Queens.

Five Days.

Countless Memories.

Havana, Cuba 2018

This was definitely one of my favorite trips yet. The city is filled with amazing people, culture, love, music, and food! While we were there we did a little bit of everything. I wanted to be sure to do things that were authentic to the culture and country so I did a bunch of research prior to traveling to Cuba.

Here's what all we did:

-Cigar & Rum Factory Tours

-Cena en Blanco (a group of Americans all got together dressed in white at a local restuarant)

-Tropicana Show

-Art Factory

-Cuban Cooking & Mojito Class (we made Cuban chicken stew)

-La Rumba Dance Class

-Beach Day

-Hemingway's Floridita

-A Professional Photoshoot (Our themes were Melanin Magic in Ballgowns, 1950's Afro Cuban Pin-Up Dolls, and a classic All White Cuban look)

My friends joked that I forgot to build naps/sleep into the itinerary, but hey I figure you can just sleep on the flight back! LOL #YOLO

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